Classic Italian Courses

Classic Italian Courses

Enjoy both the food and the company by following the structure of a traditional five-course Italian meal.

Course 1: Antipasto, an easy antipasto tray can be the perfect complement to your favorite Tuscan entrée.

Course 2: Primi, the second course, might include a rice dish or soup. This is also the part of the meal when pasta could be served.

Course 3: Secondi, the third course, is normally the main dish and may include meat, poultry or a fish entrée. One recipe you may want to try is grilled halibut with spinach, oranges and olives, cooked with Bertolli® Olive Oil and topped with your favorite Bertolli®pasta sauce.

Course 4: Contorni is the fourth of five courses in a traditional Italian meal. Served after the main dish, this course finishes the meal with salads, savory sides and vegetables.

Course 5: It’s time for dessert. Serve small treats like cupcakes or bars at a dinner party so people can choose how much they’d like of each. Sorbetto or gelato are popular choices to cleanse the palate and conclude the meal.

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