Identifying Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How can you tell if the Extra Virgin Olive Oil you’re using is high quality? Besides taste, there are a few characteristics that can help indicate you’ve chosen a quality bottle. From olive grove selection to stringent quality parameters, learn more about what to look for in your next bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin on the Label
Best Olive Selection
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you’re like most people, you might wonder what the difference between Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is. The distinction is used to differentiate oils based on quality. Both Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils are created from the first pressing of olives with no additional refining, heat or processing. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply a higher quality olive oil—determined as such through a series of chemical and sensory tests. When you reach for a bottle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you can rest assured you are getting a high-quality product.

Best Olive Selection

Great meals start with quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil and high quality oil starts with quality olives. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils come from a selection of olive oil suppliers all over the world. When choosing the right oils for our products, we consider a variety of factors including the level of pesticides and chemical parameters. We document and certify the origin of all of our olive oils, from the point of origin to the market so we know exactly where each bottle comes from.

Stringent Packaging and Quality Standards

We are dedicated to making sure every bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil we produce is up to snuff. That’s why we implement voluntary measures, such as analyzing over 5,000 samples of olive oil each year for taste and physical-chemical analysis. We also perform an additional round of analysis on every blend prior to bottling. Finally, to preserve the quality of our oils post-bottling, we use dark bottles to protect against light. It’s the little details like these that help us make a truly quality product.

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